That's a Wrap, 2022!



Can you believe it’s almost 2023?! So crazy! As we come up on the end of year, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on the past 12 months of my business  and put together a little year in review of some of my favorite sessions and moments and the journey of my business throughout them.


First of all, this has been my busiest year so far since I’ve started my photography business and I owe that all to the families, seniors and professionals who trusted me to capture these beautiful memories and moments for them! I am so thankful for all your support!

This year has been full of laughs, lots of wind, beautiful photos and getting to meet some amazing people who I am privileged to call my clients. I am blown away by my CJ Seniors. They are fun, beautiful and smart and we had a blast at every one of their sessions!

Speaking of my seniors, you may have noticed a little shift in my marketing and focus over the past year. When I first started my photography business I knew I wanted to narrow down and specialize in one or two types of photography, but I didn’t really know what my passion was yet. 

This year was really exciting for me because I finally figured out what I wanted my speciality to be! And that was senior portrait photography. 

I absolutely love capturing photos for my seniors at this super special time in their lives, creating a customized photo session for them, and showing them their photos that make them feel so beautiful!

It’s. The. Best. 

I have also been adding in some branding photography to my work as well. Keep your eyes open in 2023 for more of that!

This year was full of extra special photos of my family and close friends. A big highlight was taking maternity and family photos of one of my best friends!



I also got to take some really great family photos of a mom and her boys, the cutest little family in the Plant People shop, a couple of extended family sessions and the most fun family ever who took the assignment of chilling and having fun and executed it perfectly! (I’m talking about you, Clark family!)



And then there’s my #cjseniors. Oh there are soooooo many amazing gorgeous images to share from them! We captured caps and gowns, the best fake (and then real) laughs, and the most breathtaking eyes and smiles. From the fields surrounding my house in the country, to the OU campus, to the city streets in downtown OKC we came, we saw, we took pictures, and the photos are amazing! I will include links to some of the session blog posts at the bottom. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Some of my favorite moments from these sessions were when the wind actually blew just right for an amazing image, when we pretty much stopped traffic on a county road from our field photo shoot and got a shout out from a biker dude, when I had to be really quiet in a coffee shop to give my girl her directions (who knew volume was such a factor for me in telling people what to do? hahaha!) when we dodged car after car to grab the most perfect crosswalk shot, when my girl twirled in her dress and cute heels and the photo came out just right, when I finally got my shy girl to give me a big smile despite her best efforts to resist, and when I have all of my girls look at their mom and smile. It’s the best smile!



All in all, it was an awesome year and I got to meet and work with some seriously amazing seniors, parents and families. I am thrilled with how this year went and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings! 



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