Dreamy Senior Session | Tuttle, OK | Rinnah

May 2022



Warning: this blog post comes with a disclaimer…I am OBSESSED with this gallery! So be prepared for plenty of gushing, claiming certain photos are my favorite (when you know I’ve called about 15 my favorite already) and an overall complete overload of “I LOVE THIS ONE!” You cool with that? Good, keep reading.


So this beautiful girl is Rinnah. You’ve already seen her in a previous blog post of her cap and gown session. She was my featured #CJSenior this past year. Every session I did with her was so fun and the photos came out so beautifully, but this one takes the cake fo’ sho! 

And btw, I don’t think I can describe enough to you of how AWESOME this girl is! Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous on the outside, but I promise you she is just as beautiful inside. (annoying, I know) One of my favorite things about being a senior photographer is bonding with my clients and getting to know them. I am so so happy I got the chance to know Rinnah and now we are such good friends! Did I mention I have the best job in the world?

So about the session–Rinnah had a vision for this spring session and I was so glad she shared her Pinterest board with me so I could be on the same page. As you can see, the results were ah-mazing. Not only did she nail her look, we had beautiful golden grass and creative foreground elements to take these photos over the top with the dreaminess. We had some good ol’ “never fails you” Oklahoma wind that was whipping us in the face the entire time. Not ideal (iykyk), but Rinnah handled it like a champ and we even got the wind to go our way a few times. 

I hope you enjoy looking through these amazing photos! I dare you to pick a favorite (it’s impossible!) I’ll comment on my favorite below, just remember my disclaimer at the top. ;)

Favorite moment: when I made Rinnah laugh super hard and she wasn’t expecting it and I was able to capture her joyful self in the photo.

Bonus moment: (aka my least favorite) when Rinnah found a tick crawling on my head and I jumped out of the jeep and ran around like an insane person to make sure I got rid of it.  Ew, ew, ew!!! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do for the shots people. Wind, ticks and all. And I think you'll agree-TOTALLY WORTH IT.


one of my favorites!!!

I mean, for reals? So beautiful!

can't decide if I like them more in color or b/w!

the favorite moment laugh!


more favorites!

I love the artsy vibe in this one!

another favorite! how many am I up to now...?

{copy, paste comment from above} but seriously, the baby's breath and the expression and the light and the girl! this really is one of my favorite images I've ever taken. 

say it with me: "foregrounds! foregrounds!"

ok, I know! but I LOVE this one too!!!

I give up.


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