October 2022



I’m pretty sure I say this after every senior session….but for reals you guys….these photos are SO DANG BEAUTIFUL!!! This is one of my favorite sessions ever. Yes, I do indeed say that after every single one. And I really do mean it every single time!

Rylee is a sweetheart and absolutely adorable, obviously. She wanted some country photos in the fields, so we shot them on my family’s property near Tuttle, Oklahoma. It is for sure one of my favorite locations for sessions! 

If you’re interested, here's a link to another senior session from our property. 

Anyway, back to Rylee. She chose the cutest outfits and we even got to take some with her letterman jacket and her cheer props! I love it when my CJ Seniors bring in special props or clothing to incorporate into their session. It adds so much character and personality to the photos. 

Rylee was an amazing model and is just gorgeous. But I also loved capturing some of her fun faces and poses. Even though we had just met in person, I could tell when I was capturing some of the “real Rylee” photos. They were so cute and had so much personality! Her mom also came along with us and she kept making Rylee laugh and I got some of the best smiles from that! (thank you mom)

We had great weather...except for that lovely Oklahoma wind that decided to go crazy that day. And it was annoying, but at the same time, when you stop fighting it and embrace that wind blown hair, you get some pretty beautiful shots, as you will see.

We started out in a new spot I just discovered that has the perfect little dip and hill behind it with lots of layers of different grasses and wildflowers. It was a perfect location and the sun (mostly) cooperated with us for the evening and gave the BEST glow behind her. You know I love that glow!

Our second location was in a pasture with the prettiest tree and little pond and more tall prairie grass that had the best rustic, fall vibe at this time of year. I’m not sure which location I preferred because ALL the photos came out sooooo good! 

Get your Pinterest boards ready because you’re going to want to save all of these images as senior photo inspiration. Enjoy!

Favorite moment: Oh man, this is a hard one! One was our random ladybug visitor on one of the flowers we picked for Rylee to hold. So cute! But the best has to be at our first location that was near a pretty busy road (for the country haha). We created quite a stir with everyone driving by, trying to see what was going on. And then a guy on a motorcycle slowed down and yelled out to us “What are you girls doing?” Nothing makes you laugh like a shout out from a motorcycle man. And I’m pretty sure we made his day.


heart eye emojis here

nothing beats a dreamy black and white like this one!


pretty sure this is the "real Rylee"

dreamy foreground and that smile...swoon!

when the wind works with you

I'm not going to bother saying certain shots are my favorites, because there are too many...

...never mind, this is one of my favorites!!!

love the cheer props!

such a beautiful smile, girl!

look closely on the far right and you'll see our ladybug friend!

this is the most adorable smile ever!

always, always, always take a photo with your mom!

perfectly wind-tousled hair right there!



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