How to Prepare for your Senior Photos


So your senior year is coming up and you’ve decided what season you want to take your senior photos in, and your date is officially booked. Exciting!!! 

(If you need help deciding when you should take your senior photos, check out my blog post about that here

And now it’s time to prepare for that session. Putting a little thought and effort into prepping for your senior session will go a long way into making it fun and giving you photos that you absolutely LOVE! And that’s what we all want. 

Here are 8 ways you can prepare for a great session.

  • Focus on communication. This goes both ways. After you book your session, I will be sending a lot of things to your email like a questionnaire, client guides, and meet up locations and times. Be sure and read these things, like really read…no skimming! Most of the time your FAQs and all the info you need will be there. On the flip side, be sure and freely communicate things to me about what you want from your session, your vision for it, your Pinterest boards, your concerns--I want to know all the things, so don’t hold back!
  • As soon as you book a session date, if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram! This way, you can get to know me a little better and not feel like we are complete strangers when we meet at your session. 
  • No matter what you choose for your outfits in your photos, make sure they feel comfortable and make you feel confident. And don’t worry, once you book your session, I’ll send you a CJ Senior Experience Guide that provides a lot more guidance on choosing your outfits.
  • Be thoughtful about hair & makeup. I cannot say enough that I recommend you seriously consider splurging on pro hair and make up for your session. Is there really anything that makes you feel more like a supermodel than that “fresh from the salon” feeling?  Plus, the pros know how to do your makeup in a way that will really look good on camera. If it’s just not in your budget to go the pro route, then make sure to practice your look ahead of time and really put effort into it. It will be worth it, I promise!
  • Arrive to your session on time. And by on time, I mean like 5 or 10 minutes early. I book my sessions around golden hour and the sun doesn’t wait around. Pack your outfits ahead of time and allow plenty of time for hair and makeup. The last thing we want is for you to be rushing around and stressed because you’re running behind. 
  • Once we start shooting, be ready to trust me. I will ease you into it, but I may ask you to stand or position yourself in a way that feels strange and may be unnatural for you. But just trust that I know what looks good in photos and I would NEVER pose you in a way that is unflattering. My motto is “feels weird, looks great” and you will probably be surprised once you see the photos of how awesome the strange ones felt!
  • Bring along someone who makes you feel comfortable and can be your cheerleader. This could be a parent or your bestie. (We can even include them in a few photos too!) Having an extra set of eyes to help with things can be really helpful. Of course, if you would be more comfortable with it just being the two of us, definitely do that. Whatever will make you feel comfortable is most important.
  • Finally, relax and be yourself! You are beautiful and when you relax, it really shines through. Plus, this is a seriously special time in your life and when we do your photos, I want you to soak it all in and enjoy every minute of the experience. 

And that’s it, my 8 tips to help you prepare for your senior photo session. I hope they will help you have the best senior session ever! 

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