What is a mini session and

why should I book one?


What is a mini session anyway?

You've probably heard photographers advertise about mini sessions a lot. Especially in the spring and fall seasons. So what is a mini session? 

Before I answer that, let me say that as many photographers as there are that offer mini sessions, you will probably find an equal amount of different definitions for what a mini session is. 

Here is what my mini sessions are:

An opportunity to book a professional photography experience and session with me at a lesser price point and a shorter time frame than a full session.

They happen at a location and date chosen by me.

They include 15 minutes of shoot time and 5 full resolution images you can download to print and share.

So, why should I book a mini session?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider booking a mini session.

1. They are short and sweet! Your family will be in and out in 15 minutes.

2. They are budget friendly! Love the idea of professional family photos but not in love with a full session price? Mini sessions are the perfect solution. You get beautiful, professional photos at a lesser price point.

3. They are an easy way to keep your family or children's photos updated. We know the kiddos change fast. Mini sessions are a perfect way to get a quick catalog of updated family photos to use throughout the year for gifts, cards and prints.

4. Who wants family photos in the spring or fall? You do! And so do about 500 hundred other families in Oklahoma City! Family photographers book up quickly in those seasons. Mini sessions are your best chance to find some availability and be sure you get those photos taken at those especially pretty times of year.

Is a mini session always the best choice?

Wait, what? Yep, I said it. There is a chance that a full session may be a better option for you and your family.

Read my blog post all about which session is the best choice for you. 

Mini Session vs. Full Session-Which one is right for you?



Ready to book your mini session?

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