What to Wear for your Cap and Gown Photos

The end of your senior year is almost here and now it’s time to take some cap and gown photos. Super exciting! And then comes the question: What should I wear for my cap and gown photos?


There’s no need to stress about this! As always my first tip is to be comfortable and dress like yourself. Don’t look like someone in your photos that you wouldn’t recognize.

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Below I have gathered up some more helpful tips so you can choose the best outfit to wear underneath your cap and gown!

Option 1-Dressy

Going with more formal or dressy attire under your cap and gown for photos is always a solid choice. 

For guys, this means a button-up shirt with a collar and slacks or jeans. And yes, you do need to iron that shirt!

For girls, a dress is a really great option. When choosing one, I recommend going with a more fitted dress that is waist defining as opposed to a boxy one. Your gown is already big and shapeless and we don’t need to add any more bulk under there. (also don’t worry, because when I pose you I will make sure your shape shows) Also, the dress length should be the same or shorter than your gown. And wear some heels if possible to really lengthen your look.

Option 2-Casual

Yes, you can totally go casual under your cap and gown, especially for your photos! Wear cute shorts and a top with sandals (platform or heels if possible). A really great idea if you’re heading off to college in the fall is to wear your future school’s gear. This looks so great under a gown and shows off to everyone what your future plans are. Don’t be afraid to show your fun and goofy side in these photos. After all, they are a celebration of senior year!


If your gown is a bright school color, then I would recommend neutral tones underneath like black, white and cream to make sure nothing clashes. If your gown is a neutral color like black, then your options are pretty flexible. Maybe you will want to find things in your school color to wear, or whatever other color you know looks good on you. As with all other professional photos, I recommend you don’t wear any big, crazy patterns or bright neon colors.

Finally, don’t forget to bring not just your gown, but also your cap, cords, and any other accessories that go with your graduation outfit so we can capture all of it in your photos. Also, steam your gown ahead of time (avoid ironing as it could scorch, yikes!). 

Taking cap and gown photos, especially with your friends, is such a fun way to celebrate the end of your high school or college career and all that you’ve accomplished. Remember to have fun with them and be yourself and the photos are going to look so great!

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