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January 2022



Lush, beautiful, green plants…adorable flower pots and gifts…the cutest wicker chairs…

Can you blame me for wanting to have my Spring Minis here? Where is this wonderful place, you ask? Oh, just this little gem we call the Plant People Shop in the heart of OKC.


If you can’t tell, I’m so excited that Christina and Brenda, the owners of Plant People were on board with my mini sessions plan and have allowed me to use their space. These are going to be so great! 

To prove it, check out these awesome promo shots. (These shots are of Christina and Brenda, plus Brenda’s adorable son, btw.) These girls are so sweet and hospitable when you enter their shop. At the same time, guys-they know their plant stuff. I highly recommend them for your next plant purchase. It’s such a better experience than a big box store where the plants are just for sale. Here they will guide you to the best plants based on your needs and environment, i.e. you won’t waste money on a plant that isn’t right for you and dies! You can find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website. And go check out their adorable shop!!!

Ok, so back to the promo shots. I was so thrilled that Brenda had her son Jacob there to do some Mommy & Me shots. (Ahem, an excellent idea for when you book your mini.) They came out so cute! She will treasure these shots forever, especially when she blinks and he’s a teenager. Sorry, it’s just true. I know that investing in a photo shoot may seem like a low priority right now, but trust me, it will be priceless to you and your family as the years go by. Ok, ok, I could go on and on about that. But just look at these adorable shots of the two of them. I also got a few updated pics of just Jacob which I need to point out are just a LITTLE BETTER than the standard yearbook-issue photos that most people purchase of their kids each year. (Another great use for a mini session-updated kid pictures that aren’t boring). Jacob was so cute and it was so much fun to capture his sweet personality. 

Finally we have the lovely Christina. She told me she had been holding this dress for a while and wanted pictures in it. I’m so glad she wore them for our session! She looked gorgeous and we got some great professional headshots and lifestyle images for her. I LOVE the ones in the wicker chair! 

So, to sum up this post, we have learned that

  • Brenda and Christina are awesome humans that you need to meet and visit at Plant People-Map Here
  • Mini sessions are a perfect opportunity to capture a Mommy & Me session, updated kids photos for the year, or even a few headshots. 
  • Don’t neglect having your family captured at a professional photo session as you grow. Cell phone pics can only go so far. Hire a professional that can truly tell the story and capture the relationships of you and your family in beautiful photos. (even if it’s not me, just do it. But I hope it’s me…)

Favorite moment: When I was working to get a genuine smile from Jacob and he was trying to remember some of his dad’s best jokes to trigger it. I got a shot of him thinking so hard about it and it’s just the cutest thing ever!

you already know how I feel about this black and white!

money shot!

Isn't he just the cutest?

my "favorite moment" shot!

I love the shelf shot!

that headshot on the left, though!



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