Why Hire a Professional to take your Branding Photos?

As a fellow small business owner, I get you. I totally understand how much effort it takes to make a profit! I know what a hit your budget takes when you outsource or hire an industry professional. And I know that it’s really hard to justify hiring a pro for something you technically could do yourself.

Something like….I don’t know…branding photos, for example? ;)

While it may be tempting to DIY your branding photos, I’m here to tell you that…

DIY can get you by…but it can’t provide you with quality images to attract your ideal client.

If you need some facts, here are three specific reasons why you should hire a professional for your personal branding photography needs.




You need more than a decent camera.

Yes, your phone’s camera may have amazing features and take great pictures. Or you may even have a nice DSLR or Mirrorless camera. But just like having a top of the line cooktop doesn’t instantly make you a gourmet chef, having a professional camera doesn’t instantly make you a skilled photographer. Which leads me to reason number two….

You need knowledge of light and composition.

I definitely believe that some people have an “eye” for photography that comes naturally. In fact, I’ve seen many small business owners who take their own product photos that are so creative! But here’s the thing, I can tell they take their own photos. Because to make a professional, sophisticated image, you need to have more than an eye for it. You need to understand the rules of composition and light. These two factors make all the difference between an amateur photo and a professional one. 

Side note: a professional branding photographer also knows how to shoot for layouts you may not think of. Negative space for text overlays, a mix of portrait and landscape, square crop friendly, etc. 

If you take your own personal branding photos….how can you be in them?

“That’s easy,” you may answer, “I’m not in any of my photos because I don’t want to be! Problem solved!” Whoa! Back that train up, my friend. 

You know that pesky little marketing truth that people buy from other people who they know, like and trust? How can they know, like or trust you if they can’t even see your face? Yes you can show your personality through thoughts and opinions in text. But nothing replaces your customer getting to know you by consistently seeing you in photos. 

  • They want to see your smile.
  • They want to see you in action making your product or performing your service.
  • They want to see you in a photo showing everyday life. 

What sets you apart from the competition is your unique story. Illustrating that through branding imagery is so important to attract your ideal client!

Hiring a professional branding photographer is an investment of your money and time. But it is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. Between websites, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media outlets, the demand for visual marketing is at an all-time high. You need sophisticated, professional photos of you and your product/service to stand out from the crowd and attract your high-end ideal client. And hiring a professional branding photographer is the way to do that.

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