When Should I Update my Brand Photos?

I wish I could give you an exact answer to this question….but (you know I’m going to say it) there isn’t one. Because every business is different. Annoying, I know. 

But just because the answer isn’t simple doesn’t mean it’s not an important question. And it’s one you should regularly ask. Why? Because current, professional photos of you and your brand are so important in today’s visual market! For many obvious reasons. But they also show that you are authentic, relevant and a solid business owner who has their act together.

>>>Outdated or DIY’d brand images are just about as bad for your business as having none. 

Yep, that’s right. It is really important to acknowledge the crucial role your business images play in your brand’s voice and reputation. 

So maybe you’ve never invested in personal brand photos before or you’re wondering if it’s time to update them. Every three to five years is a good general rule for how often they should be done. But there are other things that could make it necessary to have them updated sooner. I’ve rounded up 5 of them below. 




You’re rebranding your business

This is a big deal and it pretty much goes without saying that you will need new branding photos as part of it. Quality brand photos will reflect your brand’s mood and messaging. So if you’re making some major changes to your logo, color scheme and other brand elements, or redoing your website, you’re going to want to update your business brand images as well.


You’ve added services or team members

Maybe you’re not completely overhauling your business with a rebrand, but you have expanded your services or added more revenue streams. Obviously, you’re excited and ready to share that with the world! To do that you’re going to need professional photos of these new things for marketing. 

Also if you’ve added or removed team members, you should keep them current and update your photos.


Your target audience has changed

Have you fine-tuned or narrowed down who your ideal client is? That's so great, btw! Or has it changed since you first started your business? The right branding photos are ones that speak to your ideal audience. So if any of those things have changed, it’s time to book a branding session to have your images reflect that.

Your brand photos are a mis-matched hot mess 

If your brand photos weren’t all taken with the same photography style or maybe not even by a professional brand photographer at all, you need to update them.

>>>If your brand photos do not match in style, your brand looks cheap. And if they weren’t taken by a professional, you can tell. 

Evaluate your photos honestly or ask a trusted friend for their opinion. If your hot mess-o-meter goes off, it’s time to book a branding session. 


Your personal look has changed

Like it or not, our looks naturally change as time goes on. I’m frowning at you, aging. Seriously though, if your personal branding images are several years old, there’s a good chance you need to update them. And even if it hasn’t been that long but you went from dark brown to bleach blond, are suddenly wearing glasses, lost some weight, etc. you should get your brand photos updated. 

Here's why: You don’t want to meet with a client and shock them because you look nothing like your profile photo. Awkward.😳Your photos should look enough like you that they could pick you out of a crowd.

It's important to be authentic and honest in all aspects of your business, including photos of yourself.


Your existing images are getting old and tired

Are your current branding images starting to feel a little...blah? Maybe you’ve been using the same ones for a while and even you are bored scheduling that Instagram post with that same photo. If you’re bored, trust me, so is your target audience.

I am all for getting the most mileage out of the images from a branding photo session, but at some point, enough is enough. Don’t sacrifice the effectiveness of your marketing by not keeping your photos fresh, new and interesting.


There’s a reason for the saying “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. This is especially true when you own a business. Make sure your brand images are working for, not against you by keeping them regularly updated and hiring a professional brand photographer to take them.


Learn more about my unique approach to brand photography! 

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