Why the Cheryl Jackson Photography Senior Client Experience is Different

When it comes to hiring a senior photographer, you’ve got A LOT of options. (And there are a lot of really good options, btw!)

I thought I would use this blog post to tell you what exactly a senior client experience is like with me, and why I am different from some other senior photographers in a way that may be just right for you.




So, what makes me different?

I’ve been specializing in senior photography for a couple of years now and I’ve noticed a gap that needs to be filled. 

It seems like you have two options when it comes to senior photographers:

1. A general family photographer who offers senior sessions at a low to mid price point, but doesn’t specialize in them or their client experience, and has a high volume of clients in general

2. A photographer who specializes in seniors and client experience at a higher price point, takes a smaller number of overall clients, but puts the most effort into their senior ambassador or senior rep teams 

To be clear, I think either option is good and may be just right for some seniors. But I think there is a third category that is getting left out and I want to change that.

My option is somewhere in between the first two.

I specialize in senior photography and the senior client experience, offer a package at a mid-price point and book a smaller number of clients so that I can give each senior who books with me a personalized, high quality senior session. I describe it as a boutique senior photography experience. Also, I do not offer senior spokesmodel teams and don’t ever plan to. 

Why could this be just right for you?

If you are the girl who is excited about senior pictures, ready to invest in them, have been planning them ahead of time and wanting the images on her Pinterest board to come to life and fill her #seniorsundays with beautiful photos…

If you know that the lower priced general photographer isn’t going to provide you with that much variety or quality….

And if you also know that you don’t have the time available to commit to a senior spokesmodel team and you want individual attention and unique senior photos that aren’t like an entire team of girls….

Then becoming a Cheryl Jackson Senior could be PERFECT for you!



So, what should you expect if you book a senior session with me?

I wrote another blog post about what to expect at a session with me, from start to finish. You can read it here

Here are the highlights of what you get in your Cheryl Jackson senior experience:

  • Personalized guidance in location choice
  • A senior experience guide that covers tons of info to help you plan and prep for your session
  • A senior questionnaire for you to fill out and tell me exactly what you’re wanting from your photos
  • A shared Pinterest board where you can pin your ideas and vision so I know exactly what you’re looking for
  • Open email communication at any time with me for questions or advice you need as you plan for your session
  • A fun session with variety and energy that feels like you’re hanging out with a friend
  • Sneak peeks from your session in the first 48 hours and full gallery delivery in 14 days or less
  • A private online gallery and mobile photo app with full download rights
  • Option to purchase professional prints and products right from your gallery
  • Gorgeous photos that are unique to YOU to share on IG and print on your grad announcements

I take on limited clients per month so that I have time and energy to give each one personal attention and high-end service. And if we do have to reschedule your session for weather, I’m not so booked with clients that it’s a struggle to find another date.

If this sounds like just what you are looking for in your senior photos, then I’m so happy you found me!

Be sure and browse around on my BLOG, read up ABOUT ME  and visit my SENIORS page that has more package and pricing info and how to book your boutique senior session!

Can’t wait to meet you!


Want to learn more about becoming a CJ Senior? 

Visit my Senior Page



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