What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session

October 25, 2021



So you've booked your photo shoot. And now comes the big question...what should we wear? 

Why does what we wear even matter? It’s only everything. Ok, that’s a little dramatic. But clothing choice is so important! Clothing sets the whole tone of your photos and can really take your photos from just okay to amazing. 

“Ok, you say it’s a big deal. Now what? It’s not easy to figure that out. I’m not a personal stylist.” 

I hear you! Choosing outfits can be so overwhelming. And you’ve got enough to do, right? That’s why I’ve put together some basic steps and tips to help you. Follow these and before you know it, your outfits will plan themselves. Or at least come really close to it.

  • First and most important, you want outfits that coordinate, but do not completely match. I’ll say it again. Do coordinate, do not matchy-matchy. There are many reasons for this. For one, matchy-matchy is too one size fits all for a family group. Not everyone looks great in one particular color or style of clothing.  Second, it will really date your photos (Hello blue jeans and white shirts from 2002) Third, when you coordinate your outfits with complementary colors, it really elevates the look and feel of the whole photo. So how do you do that?
  •  Choose your color palette. Pick 2-3 colors that you want included. This may sound overwhelming but it’s really not. Look at Pinterest for inspiration. Pay attention to the colors the families are wearing in the photos that you really like. Also a great tip to get a starting point is to pick one pattern on a dress or shirt that you like and pull your color scheme from that. 
  • Now that you have your color scheme, start with the girl’s outfits, especially Mom’s. Once you have that settled, build out from there and start mixing and matching solids and patterns in your color scheme to distribute throughout the family. Make sure there is variety in the colors of the bottoms and tops so you don’t all have one color on one half of everyone’s body. Use patterns but use them sparingly. Make sure they aren’t so bold that they compete for attention from the people in the photo.
  • You also need to determine what style of clothes you want for your photos. Dressy, or more everyday casual? Follow these guidelines no matter which way you choose: For men, well fitted dress pants or dark colored jeans are best. For a dressier look, pair that with a button down shirt and sports coat. Or add a sweater for a more polished casual look. And always, always, always, closed-toe shoes. For women, dresses look really beautiful and can be very flattering. Don’t be afraid to go for a long flowy dress or skirt even if you’re keeping the boys in more casual outfits. If you’re not a dress kind of gal, go for a nice top and well-fitting jeans or pants. Keep in mind that sleeves as opposed to sleeveless are usually much more flattering to everyone.
  • And here’s my “No” list (because I’m your friend): No shorts, no capris, no open-toed shoes for men, no logo t-shirts, no neon anything, no super bold patterns or stripes, no baseball caps and no sunglasses.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! Have fun with your accessories, just keep them tasteful. Statement earrings or necklaces, scarves, and belts can really elevate the girls’ look. Hats on women can be done, but can be tricky. And don’t forget how adorable suspenders and bow ties can be on little boys, or flower crowns and hair bows can be on little girls. 
  • Speaking of the kiddos, basically treat them like mini adults when you choose their outfits. Obviously their age will dictate some of this, but don’t be afraid to deck those little ones out with some style. 
  • Remember the details like having your nails groomed and manicured. For the ladies, seriously consider having some well-deserved pamper time and having your hair and/or makeup professionally done. You will feel like a million bucks and it will show in the photos.

Ok, so I just gave you a ton of information, I know. I have so much to say because outfit choice is so important! I’ve included a link to a helpful blog post about choosing your family photo outfits. Plus, don’t forget to use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. 



Before you know it, you’re going to have some awesome outfits planned for your family photos and then you can focus on what’s most important, which is capturing the love in your family for generations to come. 

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