Will Rogers Gardens Family Session | Oklahoma City, OK | Semler Family

November 2021



Wanna know a secret? (Ok, this is not actually a secret or anything new, I just wanted a cool opening question) Fall photo sessions are the best! Obviously everyone knows this, that’s why September-November is absolute  insanity for family photographers. (Like seriously, I don’t even know what day it is right now or how I’m functioning) But to prove they are the best, just look at this BEAUTIFUL family photo session from Will Rogers Gardens in Oklahoma City! I am in love with all of these and with this family!


So, meet the Semlers. Wait, do they look familiar? Yes, yes they do. You might recognize them from my blog of our session in June at the Simple Acre Flower Farm in Pocasset. I knew we would have a great time and make some beautiful pictures, and I was so right. First of all, Amber could not have picked a better weekend for the photo session. The fall color was at its peak at Will Rogers Gardens. It was so beautiful! And crowded of course, but as you can see, that did not affect our getting great photos. Second, this family always comes with some fun and personality. Oh, and the beautiful people definitely help too! ;) 

We had a blast setting up at a few different spots throughout the gardens and as you can see we got some great shots. I’m not sure which is my favorite location. Maybe it was the bridge...but there are so many good ones, it’s hard to choose! Enjoy looking through this super fun photo session. Thank you Semlers for allowing me to capture these great moments of love and fun in your family!

Favorite moment: Taking the dad and daughters shots on the bench and all of them completely broke into goofy mode, making all kinds of crazy faces. When I can’t stop laughing while I’m editing, I know it was a great session!

This bridge and those trees! Am I right?!

Buuuuttt....I also loved the purple flowers and the cool foreground option they gave me.

I love this black and white one!

My favorite shot of the whole session, right here!

Ahh that glowy light and those yellow leaves! A photographer's dream!


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