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September 2021



What do you get when you combine a gorgeous September evening with a photographer, boho decor, a pond, and a family of  three very energetic kiddos under 5? An awesome, active and chaos-filled family session, that’s what you get! And it was so worth it! This session is a perfect example of why moms should not stress about young children at a photoshoot, and not hold back from booking a session with young children because they’re worried the kids won’t cooperate. Because did these adorable kiddos always cooperate? Of course not! But did these photos capture some amazing moments and personalities that can be treasured forever? Of course they did!


I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed as much during a session as I did at this one! I loved this whole family and all their personalities, including Dad who ended up being much more comfortable in front of the camera than we thought at first. We managed to snag a couple of full family photos with everyone (mostly) contained and looking at the camera. Which was great. And then we let them loose and let the session really unfold. 

First of all, I was so honored when Marah (a fellow, very talented Oklahoma photographer herself...check out her website here) signed up for one of my boho mini sessions! Marah and her husband have three adorable kids-one boy and two twin girls. All under 5! I knew the potential for challenge and chaos was there. I also knew the equal potential for some adorable, amazing family photos was there too. You can be the judge if I was right. ;)

We started out at the actual boho set, but naturally the kids were way more intrigued with the pond behind us...and pretty much everything else. But that was great. Documenting them as they ran around and explored in the beautiful golden light was the best. And we managed to sneak in some dad and kids, mom and kids, mom and dad shots in between all the activity. We had so much fun and really created some awesome memories and moments at this session.

Favorite moment: I don’t think I can pick just one! I literally loved every single wild minute.

This picture perfectly sums it up!

I can't get enough of that black and white one!

Those little leopard booties!

Those girls LOVED the lid on the decanter! It only got lost once, amazingly haha.

I can’t say enough how special photos like these will be for this family in the years and generations to come. Parents, it is so worth the investment of time and money to have some professional photos taken. These images will keep your memories and family story alive, and your children will treasure seeing the love you had at a time when they were too young to remember. Ready to book your family session? 


Invest in your story.




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