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August 2021



So, how do you host a model call on social media anyway? Good question, I don’t know! But I did it. And even though I’m no expert, I managed to score some awesome ladies for it! Keep scrolling to see their gorgeous shots...


So in case you haven’t heard, one of my fall mini sessions this year is a Boho themed session. Btw, if you haven’t already booked yours, here's the link:

Also, you noticed I said “one of” right? Well, my other one will be opening for booking VERY soon. 

Ok, so back to my boho mini session. I had this vision over the summer of setting up a photo shoot this fall with a boho theme that would be on our land in the Oklahoma countryside, with a pretty pasture and pond behind it. I found the perfect spot, the arch, the macrame curtain, the pampas grass, the wicker, the flowers... you get it. 

All I was missing were my beautiful people to model for me. So I did it. My first model call as a professional photographer. And wow, it’s amazing how many people respond when something is free! HaHa. I quickly realized that I was going to have a hard time picking from my eager volunteers. How could I pick just one from all these sweet people?  But then I decided, this is my model call, I can do it however I want. In the end, I chose 3 mother/daughter pairs to come out and be models for my promo shots. Was that more than I should have picked? Maybe. Do I regret it? Nope!

The first pair was Kari and Abby. As soon as I saw a flash of turquoise jewelry and a felt hat, I knew I had struck boho gold. And I was right, they nailed it! They looked exactly how I was hoping! And can we talk about how gorgeous they both are?! Sheesh, how could I take a bad picture of them? (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.) LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots!

Next up were Jessica and Abryella. (Isn’t that one of the most beautiful names ever?!) We had a fun time on our shoot, and even though one of us was a little shy (I won’t say who) we got some beautiful mother-daughter shots of them. And even had a little time for bonus shots with the cows!

My last pair was Ledia and Rinnah. We had a blast and I’m pretty sure I never stopped smiling the entire shoot. These girls are as beautiful inside as they are outside. And so so sweet! They brought Grandma along too and it was the best treat! Oh yeah and then the photos. Soooo gorgeous! 

You’ll be seeing more of Rinnah throughout the year. She is a senior, and I’ll be doing more sessions with her. Know a 2022 senior who needs to book their senior photos? I’ve got openings. Click HERE for my packages.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful photos!

Kari + Abby

Jessica + Abryella

Ledia + Rinnah


high school senior girl lays on her stomach in a green field in Oklahoma City with the sunset behind her and laughs to the side

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