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September 2020



Well, this was a special session, to say the least. These are my beautiful parents who just celebrated their 40th (4-0!!!) wedding anniversary this year. What an amazing accomplishment! They are such a wonderful example of putting God first in their marriage and being faithfully and loyally devoted to each other. I am so blessed to have such special parents. 


This was obviously a perfect time to have a couples photo session to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This session was supposed to be on a beach in Florida outside our rented beach house for a week but that had to be postponed this year (you know who you are, covid-19). But even without a beautiful sandy beach and ocean waves, we managed to capture some gorgeous photos right here in good ol' Oklahoma. 

Of course, the wind decided to be  breezy that day. And by breezy I mean Oklahoma breezy. You know, a gentle 20 mph wind with gusts up to 30. No biggie. It only blew me over twice. But we were determined to make this session happen so we braved the raging wind and headed out on an otherwise gorgeous golden hour Sunday evening. We had the session right off a country road not far from our house in an open field.

My mom was very excited and my dad was very...not...excited, as most dads are. But he was a trooper and cooperated surprisingly well. I'm so happy with the sweet moments and expressions I was able to capture. Sure, asking my parents to be all romantical and couple-y was mildly awkward. But totally worth it. Check out these beautiful photos! 

Favorite moment: when I was having my parents kiss for a pose and just then a car turns on this very quiet road to give them an audience. What are the odds? My dad's reaction was priceless. Such great memories! 

(the one with the 40 is when the car drove by!)

I love my dad's expression in this one!


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