Country Senior Session | Tuttle OK Photographer | Samantha

October 2020



Photos on the farm never disappoint. Maybe I'm partial since I grew up here...but it is one of my favorite photo spots. It was a lovely fall day for a country photo shoot. Considering the closest neighbor is over a mile away, it was funny that we had an audience for part of the session. Just so happened to have the OEC fiber crew working on the road right in front of us. Oh well, it's only awkward when you're a teenager....oops, sorry Sam! 


Well this was a very special shoot for me. I've known this girl since she was born, she was the flower girl at my wedding 9 years ago, and now, look how grown up she is! Time...What are you doing to me? Why do I feel so old?! Ok, sorry for that little meltdown. And scroll all the way to the end to see a bonus pic of me and her on my wedding day. 

In full transparency, she's not a senior yet...but she's close enough that I decided to fudge it. These pictures are also a great example of lifestyle school year photos for your kids and teens.  Like wouldn't you rather have pics like this instead of recess head, after lunch, one-shot wonders for your wall at home? (I'll be offering school year minis this fall, btw. If you would be interested, send me a message on my contact form HERE.)

We had such a fun time walking around the farm and creating some photos of this gorgeous girl. We found cows, grain bins, yellow wildflowers and hay bales. An all-around great country experience, if you ask me. 

Favorite moment: When I told her to fake laugh and did a little impression for her. Maybe those smiles were laughing at me, but they're my favorite shots of the session. 

Above: my favorite (where she's really laughing at me)

Me and Samantha at my wedding in 2012. Isn't she just the most adorable flower girl? Ahh...where did this little girl go? (insert cry face emoji here)  


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