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September 2020



From the moment Brice and Sydney got out of the car decked out in their cowboy and cowgirl outfits, I knew this would be a great photo shoot. They were so adorable and excited to have their back to school photo session with me! We had a beautiful September evening with perfect glowy sunlight to capture some precious kids’ photos for their family.  


These two are the children of a very dear friend and I was so happy she let me take some school year photos of them. They drove out from the city to our family farm and we walked around the property and found some great locations for our little cowpeople! 

Sydney went first and she is just the sweetest, cutest little girl ever. You can tell from her smile what a little gem she is. She loves horses and is very into the cowgirl thing. I love the shot of her lifting her skirt just to look down at her boots! So precious! 

Brice was not quite as enthusiastic about this picture thing as his sister, but he was a good sport. And I was surprised at what a great little model he was for me. He is a little shy but once he got comfortable, we got some great shots! He was such a natural with his thumbs looped in his pockets, rocking those cowboy boots, and climbing fences and hay bales. I love the shots of him by the fence. 

Oh but the cream of the crop for me is the first photo on the page. The surprise tickle attack never fails! I can’t believe how perfect their expressions are in that photo. So so cute! Definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever taken! But there is a close runner-up in the one with the two of them standing in the road (don’t worry, there’s only about 1 car per 3 hours on our road) holding hands. The way Brice kicked his heel up-perfect!

Favorite moment: When Brice was letting Sydney hug him in their photo on the ladder and she closed her little eyes and said “I’m just going to make this last as long as I can.” So sweet! I love that photo because you can imagine her saying it. 

(above) the runner-up favorite

When she was looking at her cute!

The one where she was going to make the moment last as long as she could

Excuse  me, Mr. Professional Model


Have you thought about back to school photos for your kids?

It is such a great investment. Do you really want those drab boring yearbook photos on your wall of your kids where they may or may not have recess hair and stains on their shirt? Where they get one shot to have a decent expression that maybe reminds you of their personality that year? 

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