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October 2020



This extended family photo session was an extra special one...because they are all party of my family too! Meet my beautiful aunt, uncle, cousins and...second cousins...or first cousins once removed...? I've never been able to keep that straight. Anyway, we had a lovely time venturing out into one of our pastures here on the farm and capturing some adorable images for all of them. This is one of my favorite sessions ever (but maybe I'm biased). Enjoy!


We were blessed with a gorgeous October fall evening for this golden hour family session. Their vision for it was rustic and casual and I think we made that come to life.  We had a pretty big family group with the grandparents, their kids, and their grandkids. And one very energetic toddler as you will see. But I love a challenge! And I honestly love the energy and life that kids bring to a session. If you just let them do their thing, you usually get some super adorable shots. 

I love the golden color we got in the trees in the background. Those were near the pond. But as sunset approached, we went up to the top of the hill where we had the most gorgeous light. I was able to capture the cover photo you see above that to me was the golden nugget of the shoot. All of those taken up on that hill were my favorites. It's all about the light. 

While we had everyone ready for pictures, we broke off and shot some individuals of the kids and family groups. I know my cousins were so happy to have some current couples photos of my aunt and uncle. Have I mentioned how important it is to regularly update your family photos...only a million times, I know. Sorry! Speaking of, to check out my family session packages and prices click HERE.

One of my favorites from the shoot was the one of my cousin and her daughter hugging each other tightly. That was totally a raw, authentic moment and it was beautiful. Ahh those are the best!!! I hope you smile as you look through all these happy, loving photos. You can feel the bond and love between all of them and it just makes a heart happy. Thank you Lee Family for the privilege to capture your beautiful family in photos!

{above} The reality of a toddler at a photo shoot. I love it!

{above} Sooo precious!

{above} The one I mentioned that is such a beautiful, authentic mom and daughter moment.

{above left} That face pretty much sums it up.

{above} Gorgeous light on gorgeous ladies!


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