How To Make Your Senior Photos Look Like Your Pinterest Board


So you’re approaching senior year of high school--exciting!!! and really starting to think about your senior photos. You know this is a special year and you really want senior pictures that represent you and look amazing….obviously! 

One of the best ways to find inspiration and really understand what you’re wanting is to use Pinterest. (oh, Pinterest, what did we ever do without you?) But once you’ve saved a bunch of senior photos you like to your inspo board, you may be wondering, how do I translate my Senior Photos Inspiration Board into real life?

No need to stress, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 tips to help you make your Pinterest board come to life and create your dream senior photos.


Tip 1- Spend time analyzing the images

I mean beyond admiring that you like them. Step back and find some common things about the images. What setting are they in, what clothes are they wearing, are the photos light and bright or dramatic and moody? You may have a little variety in styles, but overall you will find a common look or theme that really stands out. This will be the basis for guiding every other decision you make about your senior photos. 

Tip 2- Put that common theme into a short two to three word description 

I promise this will really help you! When you take a few minutes to define your exact style and aesthetic you can totally nail the look you want. To get started, jot down adjectives of the common things you notice in the pictures or the style you see when you look at them. Don’t overthink this! Brain dump all the different descriptions you see and feel on the paper. After you have a decent sized list, stop and look at your words. You will be able to put together a short description of your unique style. Some examples are “vintage western boho” “dramatic city glam” or  “bright dreamy country”. 

Tip 3- Find a senior photographer who shoots the style of photos you want

A professional photographer will have an obvious and consistent style that you can easily see throughout all their work. Some styles are light and bright, others are dark and moody. Some have warmer tones, some have cooler tones, etc. When you’re looking for a senior photographer, be sure and check out their website and blog posts. You will quickly see if the style of their images matches yours or not. 

Bonus tip: if you can’t see consistency in a photographer’s work, it’s going to be very difficult to know if they will create the specific look you want in your photos. You are more likely to be disappointed with the results. Move on and keep searching. 

Tip 4- You are what you wear

I cannot say this enough: the outfits you pick make or break your senior photos. When you were going through your Pinterest board, how many images did you see of girls in jeans and a plain t-shirt? My guess is not many. In most of them, the girls were probably wearing bold dresses, skirts and dramatic casual outfits with lots of accessories. That’s because an image catches your eye when it has interesting elements working together. And one of those elements is the outfit and accessories. I’m not saying to wear things that are totally not like you, but you should spend some serious time selecting your clothes. Make sure they go along with your session style. And take things up a notch (or two) from your everyday look. Also, put the same thought and effort into your hair and makeup.

Tip 5- Choose the right location

After outfit selection, location choice is the next most important factor in how your photos will look. You can almost think of the location as a second person in your photos. If you had another person in your pictures, you would want their clothes to coordinate with yours and not clash. Since you typically choose a location first in the booking process, make sure it goes along with the theme you described above. For example, you wouldn’t take western boho pictures on the downtown streets of a city. Do some research online of photo locations in your area. And definitely ask your photographer for recommendations! Btw if you’re in my area I have a blog post of my 7 Favorite Photo Locations around Oklahoma City to get you started. A pro photographer will be happy to help guide you in choosing the perfect location to go along with your session theme.

Beautiful senior photos are a form of art and take some thoughtful planning. But the results are so worth it! There’s nothing more exciting than getting back your senior session gallery and seeing your favorite pins come to life with you in them, rocking your unique look, and getting your dream senior photos!


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