Dreamy Garden Senior Session | Crystal Bridge + Myriad Gardens | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Hailey

June 2023



Ok, so I knew when Hailey told me she was wanting a dreamy garden look for her senior session at the Crystal Bridge that it was probably going to be amazing. And guess what?!

It was.

I am sooo in love with these photos, especially the ones inside the Crystal Bridge. The layers of flowers and plants and beautiful foreground options were almost more than my photographer heart could handle! 


Hailey absolutely nailed it with her outfit choices because she picked a top and skirt for one and the BEST flowy dress to complement the look. Plus she did her hair in this romantical twist and curls that were so spot-on perfect for the look she was going for.

Speaking of Hailey, I just loved this girl! She was so sweet and adorable. Definitely a beautiful girl inside and out. (I’m telling you, I have the best clients!) We had a blast setting her up in these awesome secret garden type poses and I think we captured her true personality in all of these photos. 

One of my favorite things to do at a session is to have my clients sort of giggle forward, or look to the side and laugh at the ground because not only do I get the best laughs and smiles but the awkwardness of it always leads to real laughter from my clients and then that makes me laugh and it just makes the whole session relaxed and fun! Hailey’s session was no exception. I know she must have thought I was so crazy but I would have her hold her arm this way and have her giggle forward at a plant and she had so much fun with it and trusted me and you can see for yourself below what was the end result. 

After we finished inside the tropical gardens, we headed outdoors and shot some more photos around the gardens. Even though you can get pictures here with a mix of the gardens and city (which is one great option) Hailey wanted an “all nature” look in her photos so we totally could make that happen too! That’s why the Myriad Gardens and Crystal Bridge is one of my favorite places to take pictures in Oklahoma City. If you want to see some other photos I've taken at Myriad Gardens and downtown OKC check out Grace and Sami's blog posts.

Again I loved the bright yellow shirt Hailey picked for this outfit because it popped so perfectly against the greens and flowers and I think it really suited her sunny personality. She also brought along a cap and gown so we could incorporate that into her session. Such a smart idea! You don’t have to wait until you get your actual cap and gown in the spring to take some photos. Find a friend who has the same color and borrow theirs (no one will ever know!)

This was such a great session and I’m so excited to share these pictures with you all. Congratulations on your senior year Hailey! You are so special and I know you will do great in your future!

Favorite moment: So there was something about Hailey that made all the little woodland creatures come out to see her. First there was a crow (found out she LOVES crows and her smile was so beautiful looking at it) then we found a turtle with like 3 babies swimming in front of us, THEN not even kidding, a bunny hopped out on the sidewalk right when we were taking pictures like 3 feet from her! I think they sensed Hailey was a friend. That, or she secretly is Snow White….


LOVED this wall and pose so much!

so Beautiful!

a smile that lights up a room!

so in love with this image!

the foreground flowers are my favorite thing!

this plant wall is so beautiful! one of my fave spots in the Crystal Bridge for sure! 

so perfect!

the famous bunny!

the one above and the one below--both some of my favorites!

that is one perfect luxurious tree for photo opps

Hailey's gown twirling game is on point



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