Retro Cool Small Town Spring Senior Session | Tuttle, Oklahoma | Elissa

March 2023



Here’s a tip for you–If you’re wondering, should I reserve a VW bus to have for my senior photo session……? YES! The answer is always Yes!!! And here’s an awesome senior gallery to prove it. 


Meet Elissa, this super beautiful, retro cool girl right here. I was so thrilled that she and her mom (and grandma!) came all the way from Tulsa to let me have the opportunity to take her senior pictures. And I was beyond excited when they told me she would have a VW van in her photos. OMG guys, so so cool!

I was so happy the weather (mostly) cooperated with us and we were able to get some amazing photos. It was a little on the chilly side and the Oklahoma wind, per usual, made its very obvious appearance. But in my experience I’ve found that if you just embrace it, the wind can allow you to create some cool photo opportunities all on its own. 

Some of my favorite photos from this session were created by the wind blowing Elissa’s gorgeous long curls around. One of my favorite fun shots is the one I got of her hair blowing out the window of the VW bus!

Once I started snapping the first pics and saw what a natural model this girl was, I knew we were going to make some amazing images for her senior photo gallery. What else is cool about Elissa’s photos is that we used some locations that were a little out of the box and on their own might not seem very pretty, but with the addition of a beautiful girl, professional photography and great light, we turned them into unique and fun senior photo backgrounds that look really awesome, IMO. 😉

Anyway back to Elissa. After we finished our photos with the bus, we headed over into the downtown streets of Tuttle. Since I knew Elissa was into the retro thing, I found a vending machine that still has an old school soda cover to do some more photos. I had a hunch it would be cool and I was right! Of course having this pretty girl nailing her poses and rocking it in front of the camera made my job pretty easy and made the pictures turn out so great!

We took a few more around the downtown blocks on the sidewalk and even in front of the local grain elevator. I think these are so cool because they really capture a small town, farming community Oklahoma vibe. 

Elissa also brought her cap  and gown along and we took a few of her in them. I always love the  moment my seniors put on their cap and gown for their photos because a lot of the time, it’s their first time to wear it. And then I see on their faces that the reality of their senior year really hits them. It’s such a special time in life and I’m so happy I get to take photos of these beautiful girls to document it for them. 

Thank you to Elissa and her mom for trusting me to take these senior photos for you! I hope you enjoy looking through this amazing gallery!

Favorite moment: The second I started taking pics of Elissa and she started moving and posing and I realized, ohhhh yeahhhh this girl is a natural and this session is going to be so awesome! 


Love this sweet smile


so fun!

dat light tho

cap and gown photos are awesome, guys!

Congratulations Elissa!



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