City + Country Boho Senior Session | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Amilyah

April 2023



Wow guys, I don’t even know what to say first about this AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS senior session! Holy smokes is this girl on fire or what?! Talk about having a natural in front of the camera. I am so thrilled that I got the privilege to take Amilyah’s senior photos, because it almost didn’t happen!


So, Amilyah had booked another photographer for her senior portraits and this (very unfortunate) photographer canceled on her at the last minute. I don’t know why they canceled, but whatever the case, that’s a terrible feeling when you’re a senior who is about to mail out grad announcements and you are not going to have photos to send with it if you don’t find a new photographer, like, yesterday.

My heart went out to her when she told me what happened and I was so happy that I was able to find an available evening in my full schedule to fit her in. And boy oh boy this was such a great session! 

Amilyah wanted some city photos but was really hoping we could do a few in a field also to show her retro, boho side too. This was a little bit of a challenge because of time constraints but we did it! Did we fly down the interstate racing to beat the sunset like crazy people? Yes we did. But we got the best sunset ever !! and I’m so glad I was able to give her both types of images in her gallery. 

So can we talk about her super cute outfits? She did a perfect job of putting together interesting outfits with pops of color and I loved her pink lipstick. Plus, those pink heels, come on! Heels are the way to go ladies when you’re choosing shoes for your senior photos. Look at those long lines.

I also loved that she brought her trumpet with her and the way we could incorporate it in a totally fresh and cool way in her photos. Always bring those personal things along that will make your senior photos truly represent your high school life and your personality.

Like I said, this girl was a total natural in front of the camera. She made my job so easy. I loved how her mom was showing me photos of her growing up and I quickly learned this is not a new skill, being so comfortable in front of the camera haha. She is so adorable and yep, she’s as fun and sweet on the inside. It’s really not fair, because I get the BEST senior girls!

I have no idea how to narrow down even 10 favorites from this session. There are so. many. good. ones. Check out just a sample of her gallery below. 

Favorite moment: Oh man this is really hard to choose. I think it was when we saw the turquoise motorcycle on the sidewalk and knew we had to get a pic with it, but were also totally paranoid that the owner was going to walk out of the gym and yell at us. And someone did walk out right as we finished and we all jumped but it wasn’t the owner. Hahaha And for the record, we never touched it! 

Bonus–My most embarrassing moment: This is so humiliating but too funny not to share. So when I was telling Amilyah where to stand I pointed to a spot on the sidewalk and said “Stand right there. I really like cracks.” I was of course referring to the visual way the cracks in the sidewalk look in a photo, but as I said it out loud I realized it just sounded SUPER WEIRD. We got a good laugh but aye I kill myself sometimes. 


one of my favorite portraits of her!

She nailed the Cover Girl shot!

I couldn't not take her pic in front of the sign that says Amelia. Different spelling, who cares? And this is one of my favorite pics.

LOVE the personality in these! (and there's the famous turquoise bike)

Can we all look this gorgeous in our glasses, please?

I really love the trumpet shots!

This black and white tho!!!

Absolutely adorable.

LOVE this artsy boho shot soooo much!

Stop it, just stop it with the gorgeous, girl!

I think this is my favorite image from the whole shoot....maybe...

Dahhhh! this one is so perfect! Geeking out over here.



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