OU Campus Senior Boy Session | Norman, Oklahoma | Abiel

April 2023



What’s this? A boy senior session on my blog? That’s right, I take boy senior photos too! And this session was so great that I figured I better blog it and prove it to you. 


We had a perfect spring evening to take these and even though it was a little windy, because we were in the Parrington Oval on the OU campus, the buildings blocked a lot of it and we had no problem capturing this handsome gallery.

First of all, can we talk about Abiel’s superfly suit? (do people still say superfly….?) However you describe it, that suit is so cool and I love that he dressed up for the occasion! Talk about classy. But it also shows his fun side, and that was a great choice for what a high school or college boy should wear for his senior photos. 

There are so many awesome spots around the OU campus to take photos that it was hard to narrow down where to go. We made sure to take several on the front steps of Evans Hall because Abiel really likes the architecture of that building. Turns out it was also where every other senior and their photographer wanted pictures too lol. But that’s ok, we can all share spaces!  

Speaking of, while it’s nice to factor in the popularity of a location for your senior photos, if you do want pictures where everyone else is taking them, we can totally make it work! We just have to factor in a little extra time to wait our turn and be cooperative and patient with everyone. 

Abiel also had one outfit change to a more casual look (which I loved as well) and we took a few more photos around the buildings and on the steps. We finished the session with a few shots of him and his mom and as usual, those were some of the sweetest photos ever! To you moms: always always always take a photo with your seniors! 

I hope you enjoy this great boy senior gallery!

Favorite moment: when I saw Abiel’s suit as he walked up. I knew it was going to be a great session.


LOVE his smile in this one!

totally worth waiting our turn for this awesome shot!

that suit though!


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