Scissortail Park Mom & Daughter Session | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Kim + Sydney

December 2022



So if you didn’t already know this about me, I LOVE doing senior sessions. Really love them. They are so much fun! But I’ve gotta say…this adorable mom and daughter session is coming in a very close second as one of my favorites ever!


A mommy and me session with littles is great and so cute and wonderful but there’s also something about capturing that same relationship when the kids are a little older that I find so special in a much more subtle way. Now the kids don’t really want their picture taken, or they don’t want to be affectionate or they are teens and everything their parents do is so embarrassing! And when I am able to pull that love out of them and represent it in a photo with their mom, it is so awesome! Can I make “Mommy & Teen Me” a thing? Because I really want to!

Anyways, it wasn’t that hard to capture the relationship between this mom and daughter. There are so many sweet images of them where you can really feel how special their bond is. 

It was, however, a really cold December day (yes I’m that behind in blogging) with that cutting north wind that Oklahoma loves to give you and I’m pretty sure Sydney was about to turn blue by the end of it! I know my fingers were basically numb. But they were both troopers and looked so cute in their winter outfits and we had a great time capturing photos around the Skydance Bridge at Scissortail Park. 

Scissortail Park made the list as one of my 7 favorite locations to shoot around Oklahoma City. And for good reason! The Skydance Bridge is such a cool architectural feature itself, plus there’s also great water features and bridges PLUS the downtown skyline ready to be your background. I can’t wait for the trees and plants to get even bigger in the next few years because it will keep getting better as a photo spot!

Kim did a great job in knowing exactly the vision she had for their photos. She already knew she wanted some on the bridge, and she also wanted a shot that could be made into a triptych to hang on her wall. She communicated everything so well and since I knew that, I was able to be sure and take some shots with those exact things in mind and deliver them in her gallery. 

We took several photos on the bridge, then found a super pretty golden weeping willow that made a great foreground and background. I took some updated shots of just Sydney by that tree too. Btw, I think we can all agree that these are soooo much better to hang on your wall than the standard yearbook school picture! Remember that the next time you’re thinking of spending money on those. Save your $$ and put it towards family photos!

Ok, so Sydney was adorable and the photos of her and her mom having fun and hugging and interacting are just so precious. After the tree, then we flipped around and captured some of my favorite shots with the OKC skyline behind them. I love the mix of the park and city in photos. Finally, we took a few that were a pose Kim specifically wanted of them laying on their backs in the grass and looking at each other. I love how those came out! 

This was such a great session and I am so happy Kim found me to take these pictures for them! Enjoy the gallery below!

Favorite moment: when they did the “hold hands and twirl” picture! I got some of the best smiles and laughter that just show the two of them having fun!


the twirl pic!

LOVE this one soooo much!

this is my favorite one of Sydney!

I can't get over Sydney's face in this one! So sweet!


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