3 Reasons to Consider a Studio Photo Session

With all of the amazing senior and family photo session pictures you see on Pinterest that take place in the great and beautiful outdoors, you may hear the thought of a studio session and immediately think, “Thanks, but no thanks."


Believe me, I am very partial to photo sessions in the outdoors with glowy golden sunlight! But, that being said, there are some really great photo opportunities that can happen in a studio.

Here are three specific reasons to seriously consider having your senior or family photo session in a studio. 

1. No weather-related reschedules or issues to deal with.

This is arguably the biggest advantage to shooting at a studio versus the outdoors. We all know Oklahoma weather has a mind of its own. Every outdoor session scheduled comes with a fair chance of uncooperative weather be it rain or crazy wind or an unexpected October ice storm (I’m looking at you, 2020.) When you schedule your session at a studio, it doesn’t matter what it’s doing outside! That can relieve a lot of stress in planning. Plus, you can take advantage of having your photos done in your photographer’s less busy season which gives you more options for availability, like in the winter months. (speaking of, check out my blog post about why to consider a winter photo session).

2. Studios are calm and convenient.

Worrying about shooting at a crowded location or unexpected distractions all go away when you are inside a private studio space. If you are on the shy side and don’t like the idea of a bunch of people driving or walking by while you  have your photos taken, then a studio may be just the solution for you. Plus, outfit changes are a breeze when you have a bathroom or dressing room right there connected to the space!

3. Studios have gotten really cool! 

When I say studio, are you picturing a small boring room with a big, plain backdrop hanging and a bunch of lights pointed at it? Because the studios these days are nothing like that! Yes, there are seamless backdrops, but most studios come with cool couches, beds, chairs, desks, and variations of props to create your own unique setup. Most of them have great natural light so you can still create realistic, non-studio looking photos. Here are some I took at an Oklahoma City studio using all natural light.

As you can see, there are some solid reasons to consider having your senior session or your next family session at a studio. If you’re interested in doing this, be sure and mention it in the comments when you submit a senior inquiry or family inquiry form to me. 


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