Why should I book a branding photo session?

Personal and business branding sessions seem to be popping up everywhere. "Ok, so everyone seems to be doing them," you may be thinking, "but what is the buzz all about and why should I care?"


If you missed my last blog post about What is a branding session? be sure and check it out so you have a clear understanding of what one is, and the important role it plays in a small business.

But maybe you still have some doubts about if a branding session is really worth the investment. Below, I have compiled three important reasons why you should book a personal or business branding session.

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Branding Session

1. Visual images are incredibly important in today’s world

Between social media and the Internet, our world has become so visual. While quality images may always have played an important role in a business’s marketing strategy in the past, nothing compares to the importance of quality visual imagery now. Well-planned professional images are your opportunity to create a great first impression with your potential clients and to gain their trust and confidence without them ever even contacting you!

They will also help you stand out in your market. Imagine if your potential client visits your website and your competition’s and that your prices are the same. You have amazing, professional images showing you in your element, doing what you do. And your competition has a low quality standard looking headshot. Which one do you think your potential client might choose?

2. You need a catalog of cohesive images for marketing

The constant demand to provide visual content to your audience through social media like Instagram and Facebook can be stressful and overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a catalog of images to use for your social media posts that was ready to go, consistent and cohesive to your brand? You can have that when you book a branding session! 

Trade off an hour or two of prep work and a couple of hours of shoot time for all the hours you will save throughout the year, not having to scramble to find images to post, or feeling less than inspired because you are using the same two or three photos over and over. PLUS you will have attractive, beautiful images of yourself that make you feel good about sharing them with your audience!

3. Attract your ideal client by telling your brand’s story

One of the best things about branding photography (when it’s done correctly) is that it dives into what makes you and your brand unique, visually tells your story and represents all the things you want people to think of when they hear your brand name. Why is that so important? Because when you do this, it helps you attract your ideal client! And that is really what marketing is all about in the first place, right? 

As you can see, there is so much value to be gained when you book a branding session for you and your business. A branding session will provide you with unique, high-quality imagery, a catalog of images to use in marketing and photos that help you land your ideal client! 


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