Why You Should Take Senior Photos in the Winter

So maybe you read the title of this blog and are thinking, “A winter photo session? Who does that?

Admittedly, while it may not be for everyone, you might be surprised to find out some pretty great advantages to booking a winter senior session that you hadn’t thought of!




Reasons Why You Should Book a Winter Senior Session

Did you kind of...almost...sort of....ok, definitely drop the ball on getting yourself together in time to plan a summer or fall senior session? 

Maybe you procrastinated, or tried to find a photographer in the fall but they were all booked. Now is your chance to catch up and book in the winter! You are much more likely to find an opening with your photographer.

Do you love sweaters, coats and winter accessories and aren’t afraid to brave a little cold? 

Then bundle up all cute with your winter hat and go outside to take some photos. Photos in the city with streets and buildings look especially good in these! 

Are you cool with being spontaneous?

You may be able to arrange a tentative photo session with your photographer for if and when it snows. Snow photos can be so amazing and are totally worth the last minute planning!

But....winter sessions don't have to be outside!

You can find some great places and spaces to take senior photos indoors. Coffee shops are always a great option. But there are also vintage record stores, cute boutiques, etc. I recently did a session inside the Crystal Bridge at Myriad Gardens in OKC. It's a great winter option if you want photos with plants and flowers.

Think outside the box and be creative and you can come up with some really awesome and original ideas for your senior pictures!

Photo Studios

Another option is to use one of the amazing photo studios in Oklahoma City and the metro area. You may be surprised at the variety of images you can get from a modern studio that look nothing like a traditional photo studio from back in the day. Your photographer will be able to give you recommendations if you're interested in this. Some of my favorite studios are White MooseNeon Poppy and Willow Rose

Personalize and Be Creative

As you can see, there are good reasons to consider booking your senior photos in the winter. 

Any season is a good season to take your senior photos. The important thing is no matter what season you choose, put some personality into your senior session and get creative with it! 

A good senior photographer will work with you to create a custom session that truly reflects you and gives you some really amazing photos!


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