What is a branding photo session?

Maybe you’ve asked a photographer what types of services they offer and they mention branding photography. Or maybe you’re a small business owner yourself and you keep hearing people talk about how important it is to have a branding session. You may be wondering….well….what exactly is a branding photo session?


If you’re not clear on what it is, you are not alone. That’s because branding photography is a relatively new concept that has only developed in the last few years as the demand for visual content online and in social media has greatly increased for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

In the current marketing landscape, a business has only a few seconds to make an impression or stop a scroll on Instagram. To do this you need more than a “I just snapped this on my phone real quick” kind of image. Instead you need high quality photos that have layers, depth, and are cohesive with your brand’s identity. 

And that’s where branding photography comes in!

A branding photo session is a commercial photography session curated specifically to a small business owner or entrepreneur’s brand to provide a catalog of professional imagery that represents the business and visually tells the story of their offer in order to connect to their target market. 

The approach of branding photography is not to shoot photos for the enjoyment of the business itself, but to attract the business’s audience.

To achieve this, much of a brand photographer’s time will be spent before the session to dive into and research the business itself, the business brand’s identity and the values that brand wants to communicate to its potential clients. 

This allows them to curate a photo shot list with depth and intention. The photos go beyond the obvious and reflect not only the product, but the personality of the brand itself. 

While a branding photo session will include standard headshots and team photos as needed, a branding session is so much more than that!

Are you ready to look into branding photos for your small business?

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Want to learn more about Cheryl Jackson Branding Photography?

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