Best Places to Shop for your Senior Photo Session Outfits

What’s one of the most fun parts about planning your senior photo session? Your outfits of course! Choosing a great outfit will really take your session from okay to amazing. While there are so many great options out there, I thought I would round up a short list of some of my favorite places for you to shop for your senior photos! 


1. Local boutiques! This is my absolute favorite recommendation for you. Why? Because you are going to find more unique, one of a kind items of clothing, you can shop local and support a small business and you’ve probably got several great options right in your hometown. Many of them also sell online so be sure and look for that too.

2. Francescas. I have loved this store from the moment I discovered it! It gives you a boutique-like feel with some really unique and standout styles and is such a fun store to visit. Visit their website here. 

3. American Eagle. If you’re looking for on-trend casual pieces this classic store will probably have just what you need. Visit their website here.  

4. Lulus. I love how easy it is to search their dresses narrowed down by occasion, style, trend, or color. And their separates and accessories are super cute and won’t break the bank. Visit their website here. 

5. Target. Ok, so you aren’t going to find one-of-a-kind pieces here exactly….but good ol’ Target will always come through with cute, affordable clothes, shoes and accessories. While you may want to get your statement pieces at other places, you can probably find any missing parts of your outfit here. And any excuse for a Target run is a good reason to look there, amiright? Visit their website here. 

Finally, don’t forget the most important part of planning and shopping for your senior photo outfits–HAVE FUN! 

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