5 Ways to be Unique and Have Fun at your Senior Session!

Your senior photo session is such a special and exciting event in your senior year. Yes, you will come away with some beautiful photos of yourself at this time in your life…but why not make it a little extra? With some thought and creativity, you can take your photos from Great to AMAZING! To help you with this, read on for my 5 tips on how to create a unique and fun senior session. 


1. Do a little homework

Eeeeek! Did I really just use the “h” word?! Ok, yes I did. But don’t worry,  I’m not asking for an English essay. What I am saying is to take just a few minutes to stop and think about yourself as a person. What are your hobbies, interests, favorite things….really anything that makes up your beautiful, unique self? Once you’ve thought of them, use anything that inspires you off that list to incorporate into your senior pictures. You will be surprised at your own creativity when you’ve started thinking about it. Plus, if you do this first step, it will help you with the rest of the tips. 

2. Choose a unique location

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one. Do you love to drink coffee? Do some photos in a coffee shop! (One of my #cjseniors actually did this!) Are you an artist? Let’s take some photos in an art studio!  Do your family or friends have a spot on their property that is special to you? The more personal you make the location, the more relaxed you will be and the more the photos will represent you.

3. Include other people

This is a really great way to have some fun at your senior session! Have your bestie, boyfriend, parent, sibling or furry friend join in for some shots! Spending a little bit of your time taking photos with the special people or pets in your life will give you great memories for years to come and definitely gives some unique variety to your senior photos.

4. Bring on the props!

Ok, this is probably my number one favorite thing to do at a senior session! You won’t believe the difference a unique prop or two can make in your photos. And I’m talking about more than just your sports uniforms or musical instruments (but if you want to, definitely bring those things!!!) It can be as simple as a bouquet of flowers, special jewelry, or a cool chair or stool. One of my #cjseniors brought photo booth props to her cap and gown session. I loved that because it really showed her personality and helped her cut up and have fun with the photos.  

5. Communicate well with your photographer

The more you tell your senior photographer about yourself, the better they will do in capturing the real “you” in your photos. So don’t be shy about communicating things to them, especially ideas you have for a location and props, or even a certain shot that you know you want. We want to hear all the things! Some things I do to help me get to know my seniors is sending you a questionnaire after you book to tell me a little more about yourself-your personality, your favorite colors, your style, etc. I also have you share a Pinterest board with me so I can get a visual on the overall look and vibe you want for your photos. The more you are willing to share about yourself, the better!

Basically, the more you are willing to invest of yourself in your senior photos, the more true to you and fun they will be. So think it through and plan a little bit, and don’t be shy about sharing all the super awesome things about yourself with your photographer. Together you will have the best session and come away with amazing photos for this special time in your life!

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