What You Should Know Before You Book a Senior Photographer

It’s your senior year and that’s super exciting! One of the most fun ways to celebrate it is by booking a professional senior photography session. If this is your first time booking a professional photographer, don’t sweat it! I’ve put together a series of blog posts (links below) with tips for you on how to make the process as smooth as possible. 

This post is all about what you need to know before you reach out to a senior photographer. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t panic! You don’t need to know ALL the details, but having a few things already decided will make the booking and planning process so much simpler, faster and easier!

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you book a senior session.




What type of photography style do you like?

Maybe this isn’t something you’ve ever thought about before. Does it really matter? Maybe you don’t really have a strong preference. But when you start paying attention to different styles, you may discover that you do like a certain style over another. 

Knowing if photography style matters to you will make a huge difference in how much you love your senior photos. And you need to love your photos!!!

Some photographers are light & airy, some are dark & moody, others are more vibrant & natural (that’s me, btw!)

To find out what style a photographer has, check out their portfolio page on their website, or look at their Instagram feed. Make sure the style matches up with what you like.


What is your overall vision for your session?

You don’t need to know ALL the details of what you want at your session, but you do need to have a basic idea of what you would like for your photos.

Feeling lost about where to start? Think about if you have any specific location or activity you want pictured in your photos (like in your cheerleading uniform on the football field). Do you want some with a pet or with your vehicle? Are you envisioning photos taken in a city setting or would you like them in a park with flowers or out in the open fields in the country?

A great thing to do in planning this is to start a Pinterest board of inspiration photos. This can help you see if there’s a repeating pattern of photos you like, or give you specific inspiration for what you know you want. Plus, senior photographers LOVE when you have a board you can share with them. This really helps everyone be on the same page and will give you the best experience possible!


When do you want the session to happen?

Ideally, you should think about this question before you finish your junior year. What season or month would you like your session to be? Having this decided will make sure you can reach out and book with your photographer well in advance of your desired season. Senior photographers’ schedules fill up fast, especially during the fall and spring months.

If you’re having trouble deciding what season you would like your photos in, check out my blog When Should I Schedule My Senior Session?

All of us senior photographers out there want you to have your dream photo session! So make sure you find one that matches your style and clicks with your personality.

Some of the first steps in the booking process will be choosing a date and a location. You can see how if you already have a good idea about where and when you want your session before you reach out to the photographer, you will be ready to answer those questions when the photographer asks and the booking process will be a breeze! 

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