5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pro for your Senior Portraits

Ok, let’s state the obvious. Everyone has a phone with a decent camera. And anyone can snap a photo of you. Life is expensive and it’s tempting to cut a corner with your senior photos.

So why should you bother investing in a professional senior photographer?

Well as you might guess, I absolutely think you should! But instead of having to take my (very biased) word for it, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for your senior pictures.


You want to love your photos, right? 

And by love, I mean L-O-V-E! I mean a “scroll-stopping, can’t believe it’s you, work of art” kind of gallery of photos. The way you get that is by having someone take the photos that really knows what they are doing and has the equipment to do it. The things that make a photo spectacular are knowing how to use light, using professional cameras and lenses, knowing how to pose you, and how to edit skillfully. How do you get that? You hire a professional.

Your photographer will be invested in YOU and your photos.

A professional senior photographer views taking your senior photos as way more than just another job with another face. They view it as an investment into learning about you, creating a unique, storytelling experience that represents you well at this special time in your life, and making you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Plus, it’s not just your face out there in those photos; it’s also your photographer’s art and expression of their skill. Trust me, they want to make you look gooooood.  

You get senior photos and a support system.

Where should you take your photos? What should you wear? How do you prepare for your session? These are just a few of the questions that come up in your mind when you think about senior photos, and it can get overwhelming pretty fast! Here’s where a pro can come to the rescue! Because this is what they do, like over and over all the time, they are a pretty good resource to help you with all the things. From the time you book your session until the actual shoot,  a professional photographer will send you tips and advice on all those things, work with you to make great choices, and be a total support system for you in the weeks leading up to your session.

It’s a way to make a memory and remember.

So many things happen during your senior year of high school. It’s super busy and fun, but also goes by so fast! It’s easy for things to become a blur. Investing in a professional senior session is not just buying photos, it’s investing in a whole experience that can help you reflect on your accomplishments and give you memories for the rest of your life. Think about  how many of your memories are there because you have photos to trigger it. Your senior photos can take you back to that exciting time. And even the session itself can be a really fun memory from your senior year!

It’s SENIOR year. 

This is not just any other school year. This is your SENIOR YEAR. It only happens once. If ever there was a time to treat yo’ self, this is it! Don’t regret that you missed the opportunity to really document your senior year. And as a little reminder, your senior photo will most likely be displayed (very) prominently by parents and grandparents. Do you really want the photo to look like a snapshot? They will really appreciate having a professional photo that shows you as you truly are and at your very best.

Did I convince you to invest in professional senior photos yet? I promise you won’t regret it if you do!

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