How to Book a Session With Me

So you’ve decided it’s high time to invest in some professional photos (good for you!) and you’re thinking about booking with Cheryl Jackson Photography, an excellent choice, if  I  do say so myself. :)

"What’s next?" you ask. How do I get the ball rolling? What do I need to do and what should I expect in the booking and planning process?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s some basic info all about it.


First things first, our primary form of communication will be via email. It is so important that you remember to check your email regularly throughout the process as I will be sending you important info at varying times leading up to our session. 

I'm ready to book with you. What's my first step?

The first step is to go to my website! 

Next, click on the type of photo session you are looking for from the main menu: SENIOR or  FAMILIES

Each page has specific info about sessions and pricing. From there you can follow the link to my contact page and find the inquiry form for your session type to fill out and send in to me. 

It asks for basic info like your name, email and when and where you want to have it your session.

I will email you back within 72 hours and we will pick the date and location of your session.

After the date and location are nailed down, I will email you a Proposal. This includes your invoice, description of services and a contract for you to fill in and sign. This will all be done digitally and in one spot. So easy! 

All sessions are split into at least two payments (If you need to break it up into more, let me know, and we’ll discuss) The first one is your non-refundable deposit. You will have 5 days from the time you receive the proposal to sign the contract and pay your deposit. Once that's done, your booking date is reserved and official!

The next step will be to fill out a Client Questionnaire that I will email you. This will give me even more details and information about what you are wanting from the session, everyone included in the session and their personalities, and an opportunity for you to give me specific info or ask questions. It’s super helpful for both of us!

Next I will email you my exclusive CJ Client Experience Guide! This is a great perk of booking with me. This guide walks you through what to expect at our session. 

For seniors, it's got tons of content about how to prepare for the session and what to wear.

For families it has info about how to plan you and your family’s outfits, how we handle energetic kiddos, and much more! 

You will love your guide! 

You will also be receiving automatic payment reminders as they become due and you can pay them online just like your deposit.

About a week before your session, you will receive a super-duper important email from me. Not exaggerating, it’s really important. 

This is my Final Info Email and it has so much information that you will need to know. It’s a reminder of the date and meet-up time, where we will meet specifically at our location, special instructions or directions needed, and some general reminders to help you have a successful session.

Keep an eye out for it and read it. Most “day-of” questions that I get are already answered in the email. ;)

Everything goes more smoothly when you have specific info from the start and don’t feel stressed about details, especially at the last minute.

Then the really fun part happens-our session! After we have a blast and take some amazing photos of you and we part as besties, I will have your private online gallery delivered to you within 14 days. From your private gallery you can download the full-resolution images and even order prints and products. 

And that’s how it’s done, guys! I hope this answers some questions for you and reassures you that this whole professional photos thing is not that scary….in fact it’s actually pretty fun! 

See you in my inbox!


Let's get started!



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