Best. Session. Ever.

My 3 Tips to Make this Session a Success


Clothing Choice

Start planning this as soon as you book your session.

Most importantly, choose clothing that is comfortable and flattering.

What kind of feel are you going for in the shoot? Soft and elegant? Choose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics. Fun and energetic? Coordinate colors (don’t exactly match) and add bold accents such as yellow or red with your neutral tones. Avoid super bright neon colors.

Accessorize! This will make your pictures look modern and interesting.

If you need some ideas or inspiration, look on Pinterest. There’s TONS of examples.


Look and Feel Your BEST

Be well-rested. For families, avoid scheduling sessions around the kids’ naptime or bedtime.

Eat something before. Because nobody wants to be photographed hangry. 

Plan ahead and allow sufficient time to get ready. Try not to arrive at the session rushed and stressed because that will affect the tone of the whole shoot. 

Seriously consider having your hair and makeup professionally done. (I have recommendations for this!) 


Let Me Do My Thing

Ok, here’s the deal. I kind of love being your photographer and running a photo shoot and I’ve done it a few times so…..please let me. (I’m looking at you helicopter parents. You know who you are.)

While I will be giving you specific directions on how to stand and look, I also really really love capturing the candid, authentic moments that happen in between the posed shots. And almost every time, the things that you and your kids naturally do together will be your favorite shots. So if your kid is being silly or not looking at the camera, I don’t care! Let it happen and don't interfere. Trust me.

I promise that I will give you and your family 110% of my skills and energy to provide the most beautiful photographs possible, no matter how everyone is acting.




What is lifestyle photography and why choose it over formal portraits? 

Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait photography that focuses on capturing people in authentic, everyday moments in a beautifully artistic way. Think of it like I'm the journalist telling the story of you and your family through photographs. I don't want everyone to look formally posed for every shot. Instead I want you to be relaxed and interact with each other in genuine way. Let me capture those true smiles, laughs, and facial expressions that are part of your everyday life. Because those are the moments worth remembering. I believe lifestyle photography is a much better choice for your photos. Formal portraits capture your face, lifestyle portraits capture your life.  

Where are you located?

I am located in Tuttle, Oklahoma and travel within the central Oklahoma/OKC area. 

Who chooses the location of the shoot? Can we do it at my house? 

You. Or me. If you have a place in mind you would like your session, let's do it. If you need a little guidance or suggestions, I'm here to help.
Yes we can do them at your house! The more in your natural element we are, the better.  

Can I include my pet?

Sure! But I would appreciate a heads up before the shoot. 

How long will it take to get my pictures?

You will receive an email with a link and password to a private, online gallery within 14 days of your shoot to view your photographs. 

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope. My package prices include all digital files from your session. You will be allowed to download full resolution images directly from the online gallery. 
But , if you would like to order professional prints or albums through me, your online gallery has the option to do that!

How do I book my session?

Follow the links below to look at my session packages and pricing and to reach out to me!



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