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September 2020



So I'm just going to start by saying that when my client asked me to do a gender reveal photo session I thought, ok yeah...sure... that will be cool. What I didn't know was that I would absolutely LOVE it! The whole vibe of the day was so fun and special-family and friends gathering, all the guessing and anticipation, the smoke bombs and confetti poppers! And then the highlight of course being the big moment for the reveal and all the emotions wrapped up in that. If you're wondering if it would be worth it to have professional photos of your gender reveal and your family right after, just take a look at the priceless expressions in these photos. It is so worth it. What an awesome moment to have documented and remember for years to come. And if you decide to, please let me do it! :) 


We all gathered on a sunny, September afternoon on a small acreage outside of Tuttle, Oklahoma for the big day. There was an adorable sign hung up on the barn that said "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are". As family and close friends arrived they were given colored smoke cannons and confetti poppers. There would be a countdown and everyone would release their cannon or popper at the same time which would be appropriately colored blue or pink for the gender reveal. 

A little background on this sweet family: Dakotah and Jessica already have one kid, an adorable little girl named Callie. (You will see her quite a bit in the pics because, hello adorable!) So they were really hoping for a boy this time around. And because of the way things often go, Dakotah was convinced that since he wanted a son so badly, there was no way it would happen. 

The time came for the reveal. Everyone gathered behind the main family and the countdown began. Suddenly the whole sky turned blue! Blue confetti and blue cannon smoke was floating everywhere. You can imagine the reaction of Dakotah and Jessica. They were absolutely thrilled and in disbelief. You'll see the emotion as you look through the photos. It was so exciting and moving to watch them celebrate. My favorite shot of the session is the one in black and white where Jessica is looking at the ultrasound picture and Dakotah is hugging her so tight. It was such a precious moment and I'm so honored that I was allowed to capture it for them. 

The other adorable highlight was watching Callie cover her ears when everything went off, and having no idea what was going on! And then another beautiful moment I was able to document was Dakotah showing her the ultrasound and explaining to her that she would have a baby brother. So sweet!

After the big moment, we spent a few minutes taking some family and couples shots. You can see the joy on their faces as they anticipate meeting their new son in a few months. And Callie was just the cutest, playing in the confetti and walking around exploring things. I naturally had to follow her around and snap away. 

This was just such a highlight of any session I've had an opportunity to do, and I hope I get to do many more in the future. If you're expecting, and interested in a gender reveal photo session, click HERE and check out my packages. I also offer an "Oh, Baby!" package where you can bundle a gender reveal, maternity and lifestyle newborn session for a discount! 

I hope you enjoy browsing through these photos and imagining the happy story unfold for this beautiful little family. Thank you again Dakotah and Jessica for letting me capture these precious moments and memories for you!

{above} My favorite capture of the session. You can just feel their excitement and all the emotions in this shot!

{above} Little Callie was so startled by the cannons. Her face is priceless!

{ above } The cutest little detail-on one hand Callie's nails were painted blue and the other hand was pink.

Ahhh...why do I love the black and white soooo much?




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