5 Things you should know about your Senior Photographer Before you book with them

Let's state the obvious. There are a lot of options and choices out there when it comes to choosing your senior portrait photographer. How do you even begin to figure out who would be the best fit for you? Because these are your senior photos and you only get them once!

To help you not be overwhelmed by this, I have compiled 5 things to know about a senior photographer before you book with them. By the end you will be armed with knowledge and ready to find your dream photographer!





What is their photography style?

This is for sure the  most important thing you need to know about your senior photographer to ensure that you’re not disappointed with your photos!

First, you need to determine your photography style so you can match it with a photographer who shoots the same way. Generally there are 3 categories of styles in portrait photography. Moody, natural, and light and airy. If you don’t already know what you prefer, spend some time on Instagram or Pinterest and see what you’re drawn to. Then when you’re searching for photographers, check their Instagram and website portfolio to make sure they shoot the style you want.


What is their availability?

So you’ve matched your style to a perfect photographer in your area! Awesome! But before you get too attached, you need to make sure they have availability when you need it.

Want a beautiful fall photo session? Guess what? So do a lot of other seniors! Bookings fill up quickly in the most popular seasons like spring and fall and there is only one photographer to go around. So be sure and find out early on if the photographer has availability at the time of year you’re wanting your session.

(Are you trying to decide what time of  year you want your senior photos taken? Check out my other blog post about when to schedule your senior photos.)


What packages do they offer and what is included?

Most senior photographers will have this information published on their website. Do a little homework and find out what their packages include, how long the shoot is, how many locations/outfit changes are included, etc.

It's also really important to pay attention to if your digital files are included in the price or if you’re only paying for a session fee and then you will meet and purchase your prints and images afterwards. This can make a big difference in the initial amount you pay. Some are one up-front price that includes everything, and that’s your total investment; others have a less expensive session fee, but you are expected to invest much more after the session. Be sure and understand this, so you don’t go over-budget.



How long will it take to receive my images?

This is really important for you to know especially if you’re needing your photos for a yearbook or other deadline. You don’t want to schedule your session only a week or two before your deadline, only to find out the photographer doesn’t guarantee your images for 4 weeks. Nobody wants that pressure or stress, believe me!


What happens if we have to reschedule?

A reliable photographer will not overbook themselves where they can’t fit you in within a reasonable amount of time for a reschedule due to bad weather or sickness. This is why it’s good to ask what their Plan B is if you do have to reschedule. Make sure they have one! If they don’t, that’s a good sign you should move on to someone else.

And I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say this, but I'm going to anyway :)....make sure that you’re not waiting until the last minute to book your session and you aren’t allowing for a reschedule date. Be realistic, don’t be stressed!

I hope these questions are helpful for you and give you some things to think about as you research and choose your senior photographer. The good news is, there are many awesome options out there for you to pick from! But matching your style and expectations to the right person will make all the difference in having the senior photo experience you want. 

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